Emmons School Board of Education

Our Legacy to the Community 
* United, focused leadership team with a clear vision, who made decisions aligned to the vision and focused on the best interest of the students.
* Academic greatness compared to top Illinois elementary schools.
* There is a welcoming attitude when entering the school.
* To be fiscally responsible.  
* Able to bring great programs both during school and after school for our children.
* The Board and the Superintendent worked together to create a governing framework that will help drive the district forward to meet the educational, financial, and cultural needs of the district.
* That we were a purposeful Board that were well prepared and responsible to the community.
* We focused on the whole child when working with all parties.

School District Philosophy & Mission Statement
"Working together we educate, nurture and grow our students for a successful future."

This statement guides the actions of all members of the Emmons Community – staff, students, parents, Board, and administration. It is the foundation of the Emmons Board of Education Belief Statements.

Core Values and Belief Statements 
Students and Learning
We believe that:
  • All students should be active participants in their own education.
  • All students have unique gifts that will make an impact on the world.
  • All students need to advocate for their own needs and have the right to express themselves and be heard.
  • Students have different learning styles.
  • Students should be active participants in their learning.
  • All students can learn.
  • All students should strive to reach their full potential.
  • Students should feel safe.
  • Students should have a wide variety of learning experiences.
Teachers and Teaching
We believe that:
  • Teachers need staff development opportunities in order to prepare students to be 21st Century Learners. 
  • Teachers must create a learning environment where all students feel safe and can be productive.
  • Teachers should be held to the same standards they hold students to.
  • Educators need support.
  • Teachers should feel supported and be provided necessary resources.
  • Teachers need to meet the individual needs of all students so they can reach their full potential.
  • Educators are responsible for their own life-long learning.
  • Educators strive for excellence.
  • Teachers should meet the diverse needs of all students.
School and Community
We believe that:
  • The school and the community are accountable to each other.
  • Both the community and school should be responsible for a student's successful future.
  • The school and the community have mutual respect and trust for each other.
  • Parents should take an active role in their child's learning.
  • The community and school need to be aligned to be successful.
  • The community and school should partner to support the school.
  • We believe that school should balance education and fiscal responsibility.
  • The school should provide transparent communication with regards to all areas, which is accessible to the community.
  • There should be two-way communication between school and community.

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Board of Education Members

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Laurie has lived in the district for over 38 years and has served on the Board since 2009. 

Gretchen Leighliter - Vice President
Gretchen and her husband Jeff have lived in the district since 2011 and has served on the board since May of 2017. 

Kelly Sheehan - Secretary
Kelly is an Antioch native who grew up within walking distance from Emmons. She has served on the board since 2015. 
Benny has been on the board since May 2013.

Bob has lived in the district for over 20 years and has served on the board since May of 2017.

Nate Karasek has served on the board since 2018. He has lived in Antioch since 2001 with his wife Jessica. He currently works at Warren Township High School where he has enjoyed working with students for over 18 years.

Dawn has served on the board since 2020.