Welcome to the House of Amistad

Welcome to the House of Amistad!



The House of Friendship

Heritage: Mexico

Language: Spanish

Symbolic Animal: The Immortal Peacock


Amistad is the House that originates from Mexico.  A group of individuals that are quiet but powerful, they are known most for their kindness of heart.  This is why, in the language of their ancestry, their name means "friendship."

Incoming members are often a mix of extreme-our students can be extremely intelligent, creative, friendly, and competitive; Amistad is a very diverse group! 

The House takes great inspiration from its symbolic animal, the peacock, and the leaders always remind the members of this saying: "Once the peacock finds its feathers, it discovers who it really is." The encouragement is for each student to find his or her own feathers and discover their brilliance. While students may enter timidly, the learn to become brave as they find their true selves.



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