Welcome to the House of Altruismo

Welcome to the House of Altruismo!




The House of the Givers


Heritage: Brazil

Language: Portuguese

Symbolic Animal: The Snake


Altruismo traces its origins to the rainforests of the Amazon, where a group of powerful Brazilians were given the name because of the Portuguese meaning behind it: "the Givers."

This special group is known for striking a balance between bold strength and altruistic giving-a team that knows that real power comes not from looking out for yourself but from empowering others. They care deeply about lifting others up, but they also maintain fiercely competitive spirit and pride. 

Historically, the House has been known for its smart driven students, and Altruismo has produced more valedictorians per class to this day.  Its members have been very involved in every club, committee, or activity that a school offers.  Therefore, Altruismo takes great pride being a cultivator of real leadership and instill strong spirit within new members to grow into and live up to this legacy.



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