Welcome to the House of Sollevare

Welcome to the house of Sollevare.



The House of Uplifting


Heritage: Italy

Language: Latin

Symbolic Animal: The Phoenix


Sollevare is the House that originates from Italy. It was formed by a group who understood that the true strength of being undefeated warriors lies in always getting back up, no matter how many times they may be knocked down.  The members of the House of Sollevare are known for their uplifting nature-always rising above and helping others do the same.  This is where their name comes from in Latin, meaning to "lift" up.

New members have a spark of creativity-even if it is only a dim spark in the beginning, they will grow to have a great fire of creativity as they continue on!  This is because it takes great creativity to see the ability to rise above in any circumstance; being able to lift others up means seeing past the current problem, and thinking ahead about the next step.  All of these things together are why the House of Sollevare takes inspiration from the Phoenix as their symbolic animal.  The Phoenix is a powerful creature who is able to rise up from the fire and ashes, reborn into an even greater being because it has learned from its mistakes or sacrifices.  Full of ancient power and wisdom, the Phoenix reminds their members of the House not only that it is their duty to rise up from the ashes, but also their duty to help others do the same.  Because when we uplift everyone around us, we uplift and create a better world for us all.

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