Welcome to the House of Isibindi

Welcome to the House of Isibindi!




The House of Courage


Heritage: South Africa

Language: Zulu

Symbolic Animal: The Mute Swan and the Lion


Isibindi is a tight-knit group of individuals, like a pride of African lions, where family means everything.  The House's symbolic animals, the mute swan and the lion, serve to empower incoming members.  While new students might be quiet or shy at first, the longer that they are in the House, the more they begin to display the characteristics of strength and bravery. In Zulu Isibindi means "courage."

The dichotomy of sharing symbolic animals between the gentle and beautiful swan and the proud courageous lion is what makes Isibindi so unique. It is a House that inherits the legend and influence of both Shaka Zulu as well as Nelson Mandela.  It is a House that knows when to be stategic and creative, or when to pull back and be reserved, but also whent to go full force with power and strength. This is why Isibindi welcomes creative and quiet kids and turns them into leaders over time.  They learn that, like the mute swan, their quiet creativity can be harnessed to speak volumes in its own way.


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